Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Mrs. Magana- First Aid Instructor, Marie Lou Guy, Patient and Susie Henderson as First Aider demonstrating how to set a splint

Beverly Cattouse as assistant and Mariela Carrillo as suport

Yes Mariela, I know it can be fun and you are a mischieous one, too!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Candida Romero's Speech

A pleasant good morning.
Today, as I stand before you, the realization of a dream unfolds into a glamorous reality.

I came to the Corozal Community College Adult and Continuing Education Programme because I wanted to finish my education and because a few good people in my life convinced me that they saw the possibility where I could sucessfully complete my education. This programme is given in the evening and is for anyone who desires to further their education while they are employed in the day time or otherwised occupied during the daytime. It is for anyone 16 years of age or older who desires to complete their High School education.

I worked diligently in each level because I wanted to know more so that I could have the possibility of having a good career and most importantly so that I could give my son a better education and to show him my love and dedication.
It is not easy for adults to study when we are bound by many other responsibilities. Lamentably, when we are adolescents we do not totally understand the value of an education and how marvellous it is to spend times filled with laughter, excitement, mischief or seriously doing assignments with our friends.

I found, at CCC ACE, not only the opportunity to succeed and recover lost time, but also the recovery of emotions I had forgotten for a short time. There was the nerviousness of tests and examinations, the enthusiasm of new friends and above all the knowledge that I COULD achieve my goals.

As we all know Belize is a young country. The future of this country is in our hands. The destiny of Belize is in the hands of every man and woman and because of that we MUST seek better for ourselves and our families.

Corozal Community Collage - Adult and Continuing Education Division created this destiny and a place where knowledge could be imparted and I am proud to be a part of this institution. I wish to encourage everyone who needs an education to continue studying even though it made be difficult to balance working to sustain a family, taking care of children or a spouse, or assisting with other family members.

Money is never enough and I can remember that to always be that way. However, we cannot remain with folded arms. We must want better.
Here and now is the time for you and for all those around you. This is the time for each person to seek growth in some form or the other for themselves and for Belize. Furthering your education may just be the way to do this.
CCC ACE’s doors are open to all regardless of age, sex or religion. So there is no barrier to keep you back. My fellow graduates and I, all 26 of us, are testimony to that. We CAME and we will make a difference in this world and in Belize because of CCC ACE.

Special thanks to our beloved Director, Ms. Brenda Ysaguirre, for giving us all her love and for pushing us to grow in knowledge and as human beings. Your lessons, jokes and lectures on life will never be forgotten. Trust me when I say that we plan to take you up on your invitation for us to visit you at any time.

To the teachers who taught us at CCC ACE, thank you for your dedication and time. We will never forget you.

Thanks classmates for your friendship and love. As planned, I look forward to our continuing as a group to work for a better Corozal, a better Belize and for our continuous growth.

To Eduardo and my son, Damion, thank you for allowing me to dedicate some of our precious time to studying and for being away from the home from Monday to Thursday from 5:30p.m. to 10:30p.m.

And last but never least, thank you God for giving me life and health and for seeing me to this day. Your mercy and your blessings have brought us to this day.

Finally today has arrived and all that is left is for me to close with two words that my fellow graduates and I will never forget.



Sunday, June 15, 2008


Hopkins Village from the air

Old Belize Marine

An osprey in Belizean Jungle

Belize's Barrier Reef

A View of Dangriga

Our Mayan Heritage

Saturday, June 14, 2008


if we could live like this we would be living in a great world.
The mother dog took Finnegan's cage, bed nar her bed just before she gave birth to her pups and allowed the squirrel to be her "pup" too! Finnegan is to be set out ino the wild soonbut something tells me she won't go!!